Surrey India Arts Club

Who Are We?

Surrey India Arts Club, a non-profitable society, is an effort of many like-minded brains who want to make a general awareness among the Punjabi community in Canada regarding promotion and preservation of Punjabi/Indian language and traditions. The day Surrey India Arts Club was formed in the month of March 1975, there is no looking back. Day and night Surrey India Arts Club has been working for preservation and promotion of both Punjabi/Indian language and traditions.

Individuals with exemplary talents are associated with Surrey India Arts Club and happily part their knowledge about our language, our traditions, and our culture to new members, especially those who are born and raised in North America. With Surrey India Arts Club performing across North America, there is an ample opportunity for new members to get exposure in big events, learn various art-forms from a talented peer group and of course! meet wonderful teams and individuals out there.

Building team spirit and working collectively in a group is another important thing that all members of Surrey India Arts Club learn. These traits not only help them in putting up excellent performances in different events but also help them in their day to day work too. Surrey India Arts Club thinks these traits are integral to out tradition and kit tight knots among its members.

Long history of distinct achievements, pool of wonderful talented individuals makes all members of Surrey India Arts Club feel proud to be part of it.

SIAC is a 'Not-for-Profit' Organization that works towards the 'Profit' and Benefit of ARTS AND CULTURE. An organization that was formed years ago by with a motive of keeping the passion towards Art & Culture growing in the hearts of many.

SIAC is proud of its innovators and ideators, its 'Out-of-the-box' teaching techniques, and its highly qualified and experienced team of mentors who are imparting their knowledge of Art to the new and upcoming generations.

ART - a simple terminology with an infinite range of possibilities, holds a great existence at SIAC. SIAC is working towards various projects in association with all different forms of ART:

  • Bhangra
  • Bhangra fusion with many dance forms
  • Acting
  • Painting
  • Singing & Music